Kylie Cosmetics Matte Lip Kit

Hi, it's me, your problematic fave.   


I resisted buying Kylie's lip kit for a really long time, despite my obsession with anything Kardashians (highly recommend the Kim Kardashian West app, currently costing me $2.99 a month).  I'd only seen the matte lip kit used on Instagram famous girls with lots of a capital-L look and thought the really matte look was a bit gross, to be honest.  Then two months ago I was watching the Bachelor and Corinne, the greatest contestant ever and the personification of my Id appeared onscreen in an amazing makeup look and I knew I had to recreate it.  After six hours of stalking her Instagram comments I learned she uses Kylie Lip Kits, and after another six hours I think I matched the shade she used - Posie K!  I ordered it and will never look back.

Me, when I have to do anything slightly inconvenient

Me, when I have to do anything slightly inconvenient

These lip kits get a lot of hate and after using it I have no idea why.  I've tried 8 liquid lipsticks in the last three weeks (post on that later) and this was far and beyond the best.  I had a slight learning curve to get the look I wanted, but found that smudging the liner on first with my finger diffused the pigment and made it a bit less done.  I wore Posie K to work for an entire week and only had to touch it up on one day, when I'd eaten a particularly challenging lunch (onigiri, thanks for asking).  The smell is a little off putting - the liner is mint and the lip is vanilla - but I've found it fades. I think a lot of overly dry look comes down to application, and with one coat I didn't feel really unnatural or cakey.  I occasionally put Balm Dotcom on top of this to gloss it a bit and add more moisture and haven't found it to move the product at all.
Kylie really missed an opportunity to call this Kylie Kosmetics and the reciept emails are not signed "love, Kylie", though the box did come with a postcard from Kylie thanking me for supporting her on her "journey".   I rate the purchase a 4/5 on my overall Kardashian Klassification*.  I do feel a bit more like Corinne when I wear it, mainly because I'm very focused on how great my lips look and not a lot else.  I'm going to track down her eye look next.

I am not at all jealous of 19 year old Kylie, who is clearly struggling with her own self image, the consequences of fame, and carving out her own identity in this world.  I definitely won't begrudge her the quality of her makeup products.  Matte Lip Kits retail for $29 on  I've already ordered a second shade, a lipgloss, and her eyeshadow palette.  
*Kardashian Klassification is a 5 point scale, with 5 being Kim and 1 being Kendall.