Review - Glossier Cloud Paint

Blush is my holy grail, desert island, won't leave home without makeup product.  Without blush I'm a washed out girl with a lot of face skin.  It's a nightmare.  Companies rarely do anything interesting with blush and I've been over classic powder formulas for a while, so Glossier's new products are hugely exciting for me. 

Since Glossier is my favorite makeup brand right now, and has such easy color formulas, I bought every shade of their new blush line.  The Cloud Paints (ah! that name!) are highly pigmented gels that blend easily and have beautiful natural colors.  They have a consistency that's more like a tinted moisturizer once you apply them; they diffuse to a really lovely sheer wash of color.  Almost everyone I know needs only the teeniest tiniest bit of Cloud Paint to achieve their best blush look, but as I'm a cadaver applying makeup to myself I need a small little dollop.  Regardless, there is a ton of product in those little tubes so I don't expect to reorder for a while.

Shade breakdown:
Dusk is great for contouring, Beam warms up your skin, Puff is brightening, and Haze is the perfect "I just worked out" blush.  Dusk and Beam didn't really show up as well on me, so I gave them to my fair, pink undertoned sister. Conversely, Puff and Haze made her feel too flushed (but make me feel beautiful).  

The shades last almost all day; they're easy to pack in your kit because they're so small, but I very rarely end up needing to reapply. I love the packaging and how they look like little tubes of paint.  Here's to hoping innovations in blush becomes the next big trend.

Cloud Paints are available on for $18 each. The code "2BLUSH" gets you two for $30.  As always, using my link for your first purchase gets you 20% off: