Herbivore Blue Tansy AHA + BHA Resurfacing Clarity Mask


God, I love this mask.  I spent the weekend in a tent and couldn't wait to come back and dissolve all the dirt/sweat/junk off of my face with this.  It's full of BHAs and AHAs: acids that smooth your skin out and pull out any gunk in your face.  I’m convinced you can’t get flawless skin without a ton of acids; I had incredibly smooth skin and felt refreshed after using the clarity mask. 

I’m very pro-blue tansy; I have three products that feature it as an ingredient now, and am always looking for more.  It’s anti-inflammatory and cooling (and I also just think it’s cool to have blue facial products).  I know some people don’t like the medicinal, kind of floral smell.  I don’t find it that bad, everyone’s nose is different, but I’d check your tolerance first if you’re very sensitive.  

This product is actually the first Herbivore Botanicals product I've ever purchased, and since then I've added more to my lineup.  I love when natural products are super effective; I love it more when they're super effective AND have gorgeous packaging.  You got a lot of uses out of this jar; it comes with a lil spatula to scoop out the product, and you only really need about a nickel sized amount.  

Keep this mask in your rotation to gently exfoliate, keep your skin flawless, and make your medicine cabinet a bit more #topshelf worthy.