Ice Cream

First in a series about my favorite places in San Francisco.

Ice cream! Who doesn't love it? Monsters, maybe? I hear Trump likes it. Two scoops of vanilla, which is the only thing about him I can't hate on. Vanilla ice cream is great - a perfect vehicle for too many Luxardo cherries. The Mission District has an abundance of fantastic ice cream places, an embarrassment of riches, and they're all within under a mile from my house. 

Garden Creamery
I have been coming to this place a lot lately. It's a Hawaiian shop that is super Insta friendly and has really interesting flavors. Last thing I had was a strawberry ume plum combo on one of Third Culture Bakery's mochi muffins. To die.

Bi-Rite Creamery
BRC is stupidly famous for a reason. Their flavors are always inventive and delicious, and the special sundaes are dope. They also have amazing ice cream cakes. I know what times to go when there's not a line, but I'm not sharing that information because a, the line is part of the experience and b, I don't want y'all screwing that up for me.

Humphrey Slocombe
Apparently they're doing a collaboration with Williams-Sonoma now? TBD if that's sell out worthy or not, but Secret Breakfast (whiskey and lucky charms) is everyone's go-to. I also like Jesus Juice when they have it (wine). 

Smitten Ice Cream
They make it in front of you! With liquid nitrogen! It takes longer than just scooping out you flavor but that's part of it. They only do vegan pops though, so if you're avoiding dairy you kind of miss out.

Food Hall
Growing up when we said we wanted ice cream, what we really meant was that we wanted soft serve. (There were strangely no ice cream shops in our town?) Food Hall is like, super bougie, and their soft serve is some kind of frozen yogurt thing that just tastes like cream cheese to me. So fine.

Xanath Ice Cream
They have a saffron flavor! All of their ice cream is bizarrely cheap for the location and quality. It's all organic and they have a really classic flavor range, with some gourmet ones thrown in. "A true neighborhood classic." - Alex Milstead