Mask Mondays: Drunk Elephant Baby Facial

I knew I was going to like this mask when the Sephora saleswoman told me she could only handle DE's Babyfacial for 10 minutes, tops. "It feels like your face is burning off, but it's worth it," she said. Sold. Give me 200 of them and I'll wear it for half an hour. I love a challenge. 

I'm slightly disappointed that the pain is just an annoying tickle when you first put it on, because for almost $50 an ounce I want a real frightening burn.  It's a sticky brown goo that smells faintly of Biologique Recherche (not a compliment), and I need a sadly large amount of it to cover my face.  20 minutes later though, the 25% AHA and 2% BHA has eaten through anything dead and has resurfaced my face completely. It's akin to seeing your driveway before and after a pressure-wash.

You're only supposed to use this 1-2 times a week, but I'm up to every 2 days. If you do it in the evening you're prepping your skin to absorb whatever nighttime goodies you apply; application in the morning ensures your makeup is going on flawlessly.  The TLC Sukari Babyfacial (why such a long name?) is packaged with a sample of the brand's Marula Oil, in case you'd like to follow your skin's tough love with some moisture. There are 5 different acids in the mask, so I recommend being kind to your skin afterwards, including staying away from retinols. 

My only caveat on this is the packaging: it's impossible for me to tell how much is in the container. I'm terrified of putting the mask on half of my face and running out before I cover the second side.  That being said, I have used it pretty regularly since purchasing and I've gotten about 10 uses out of it. I'm hoping for more, and the opportunity to thin my skin down to a luminous smooth layer. I don't know if my face will look like it's carved from marble before the bottle is used up, but it's getting close.