What to Wear Where: Vegas

I went to Las Vegas a few weekends ago and realized I’ve been there over half a dozen times in a decade (I'm the furthest thing from the target audience, but I've gone mostly for work.)  Here's my Number One Free Tip: don’t wear shoes that you can’t walk a mile in, as that’s how long it seems from the taxi to your hotel room at the end of the night. The saddest sight in Nevada, besides someone who can't step away from the tables, is the girls carrying stilettos in their hands, barefoot on the tobacco stained carpets at 2 AM.

But what are you going to wear (with your block heels or sequin sneakers)? Vegas really is the time to wear your most “going out” fits, your party dresses, that thing you thought you’d wear on New Year's Eve but didn’t. During the day you can get away with casual looks, then turn it up for the evening.

Reformation is a great option for the location. Every piece is slit to the gods, with necklines dropping to your belly button. Go straight to the Wedding/Parties section and prepare to lose $250 for a dress that's 2 square feet of fabric total, but made in the U.S. from sustainable materials.

Another great option is vintage or secondhand stores. I found the perfect dress from Wallflower a few months ago. My inspiration was Vegas in the 50s, when Vegas was extremely chic and fun. If Pricilla Presley would wear it, it works. (In the interest of keeping it real, I wanted to take pictures from my last trip for this piece, but my body didn’t cooperate and I spent the majority of both nights in my hotel room. I watched PBS and cried, just like if I was at home!)

My lovely vintage dress.

My lovely vintage dress.

My Second Free Tip is to wash everything you packed once you're home, even if you didn't wear it. The smoke and Vodka Red Bull smell permeates everything.