Friday Links

Happy Friday! Here’s some links to keep you occupied as you attempt to balance worrying about the Amazon with curling into a wailing ball of anxiety:

Women’s bodies and the decisions related to them isn’t just about abortion: this article explores when patient’s choices are ignored when it comes to mastectomies and breast cancer.

Extremely obsessed with my new tumbler and and its perfect design. (Top Drawer on Valencia also has them if you’re in SF.)

CNN put together a quiz about climate change solutions.

A copy of Circe is finally become available at my library and I’m excited to read it this weekend. (I’m also unable to shut up about Trick Mirror and how important it is.)

Just ordered this face oil that’s made from the pits discarded on a plum farm.

A summery salmon salad recipe.

I’ve been watching this 1982 live performance by Fleetwood Mac every morning instead of drinking coffee. “You can hear the cocaine.”

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