Friday Links


Happy Friday! I’m headed south for the weekend to see family and hopefully pick up some of these excellent strawberries. Hope everyone has a good weekend and that Mother’s Day isn’t too rough.

Shitty NYer Cartoon Captions has my vote for funniest account on Instagram.

I’m seeing PUP in June and have their album Morbid Stuff on repeat lately.

This lipstick in Rosewater is a perfect easy shade.

I broke down and bought a pair of Tevas for summer. Hoping I’ll look more like Ezra Koenig and less like a jam band follower.

I Think You Should Leave with Tim Robinson is hilarious and weird.

Trying to think of this article more and leave my phone in my pocket.

Her sentencing yesterday seems like the end of the Anna Delvey saga, but holding out for my favorite grifter’s story to be told in a movie soon.

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