Slow Fashion Season

I’ve signed up for a challenge - no new clothes for three months, from June 21st to September 21st. (Buying second hand or trading clothes is okay, as the idea is to decrease demand for new clothing.) Fashion is a massively polluting industry and there are already more clothing items in existence than we could ever need. None of this should be news to anyone, but capitalism is bad and this age of endless consumption is destroying the earth and our financial security! Besides, it’s only three months, it’ll be fine! You can sign up for the challenge and read more about it here. Some of my tips for making it all three months without caving:

  • Unsubscribe from retailer email lists and unfollow them social media. We see so many advertisements, especially whenever we look at our phones, and these brands touting “inspiration” are just really asking you to spend money with them. Think of every brand you follow as a commercial interruption that you’ve willingly signed up to watch.

  • Clean out your closet. Seeing what you actually want to wear is really helpful in reducing that “I don’t like anything I own” feeling that drives us to shop unnecessarily. You might also find things you’ve forgotten about, which is kind of the same as shopping.

  • Don’t front load. Buying a lot of clothes before June 21st to try and tide you over isn’t what this is about. (I did make sure I had enough socks and underwear, however.)

  • Go online for thrift and vintage. Remember buying second hand is okay, and if the vintage shops around you are getting stale or expensive, eBay and Etsy are a great way to mix it up.

  • AND my special tip for the late night restlessness that online shopping is so good at curing: still go to the website of your retailer of choice, still scroll mindlessly through thousands of dresses, still add everything to a cart, review it and then just close your browser. Pretend you’ve ordered it, and just like when you actually buy something at midnight, you’ll have forgotten about it by the next day anyways. Just make sure you’re using an incognito browser so that you avoid the barrage of “this item is still waiting for you!” emails from the store.

Good luck! Don’t forget to sign up at the link so that CollAction hits their goal of 10,000 participants. I’m going to try and post check-ins on Instagram to keep myself motivated, and comment'/DM with any questions or concerns. It’s only 90 days or so, and don’t you want to feel stronger than the entire industries sustained on getting you to buy frequently? If you’re really feeling an overwhelming urge to spend some money, there’s always a more worthy cause to give to than Everlane.