Some Nice Things for Summer

It's officially summer! Here are a few things I'm adding (or keeping) in rotation for warm weather and travel:

Olio e Osso

I love love this line of multipurpose balms. They’re made from natural ingredients, the tinted balms add a lovely flush of color, and they’re very moisturizing. I read that the average woman ingests 5lb of lip products in her lifetime (?!), and I am much more chill about that now that my lip product is mostly olive oil. They're pricey, but the quality is great and they also are so multipurpose; I use my no. 4 as blush and my no. 0 as an all purpose balm. This video talks more about this and swatches all the colors. 

Weleda Skin Food

This is a super rich cream that I read Victoria Beckham uses, and it makes me feel good because I also use it. ITG also dubbed it "budget La Mer" in 2015. It’s all natural, cheap, and a tube will last forever. Some uses: night cream, hand cream, highlighter, eyebrow tamer, tinted moisturizer (add in a few drops of Glossier's Skin Tint), and self tanner barrier (on palms and elbows). 

Waist Bags

You might call them fanny packs, but they are back and I hope they never leave again. I copped a Supreme version earlier this year and I'm still thrilled with it. You know how women always say they want clothes with functional pockets and designers never listen? Waist bags are like a replacement for those continuously absent pockets. (Where are our pockets?!!) If you're trepidatious about wearing something around the waist, slung across the chest looks very street style. My bag holds a surprisingly large amount - meds, epipen, snacks, the products mentioned above - and has several interior pockets, making it very practical. I'm sticking with the athletic versions for now, as the leather styles still read 90's tourist to me.

Linen Pieces

We now have a Reformation and Everlane on our street - a nice but dangerous luxury, especially with both stores carrying lots of linen styles this summer. I don't know why it took me so long to discover I loved linen clothing; it's great for the environment, lightweight, and travels well. I wore this (now sold out) dress in LA recently, and have a couple of Everlane's linen shirts on rotation. (I also snagged a pair of linen pants from J.Crew; they're not as ethically friendly, but sometimes I have to go where the tall sizing is.)